1943 Silver Australian Shilling Coin

Here we have in the pictures below a 1943 Australian 1 Shilling Silver coin.  It has an image of George the VI who was the last king to reign over the British Empire.  This coin’s silver weight is .1680 ounces (5.65 grams)of the precious metal.  On the back side of it is an image of a ram as well as the denomination and year inside of 2 stars.  There were 16 million of these made and this appears to have been struck in the Sydney mint.  This one in particular that we have is in fine condition and is a decent coin to have in one’s collection especially for those that like silver coins like myself.

The Australian shilling had a nice long production of 50 plus years of being struck.   Its initiation was in 1910 and it was  discontinued in 1966 when the currency there was put into decimal form.  A shilling coin was called or known by its nickname of deener.