1944 Greece 200 Million Drachmai Banknote

Here we have an old Greece 200 million Drachmai banknote from the year 1944. See it in the photos underneath. This paper money was printed during a time of exponential inflation that Greece was experiencing during WWII. On its front side on the top right hand side is its serial number in red print.  The number 200 (referring to 200 million Drachmai) is found on all 4 corners.  Perhaps the most interesting part of this banknote is found of the front’s center. It is an image of part of Parthenon frieze which is a marble decoration that adorns the Parthenon (temple built to honor the ancient Greek goddess Athena.  The back of this paper money has decorative patterns and the print is mostly grey and black whereas the front is more brown and black.

Our 1944 200,000,000 Drachmas banknote appears to be in almost uncirculated condition, with a couple of the corners not being perfect.

Uang kertas kuno dari negara Greece tahun 1944.