1945 Swedish 1 Silver Krona Coin

Here we are going to talk about a 1 Krona coin from Sweden struck in the year 1945.  It is .40 fine or in other words 40 percent silver (this coin has .09 ounces of the precious metal in it).  On the front side is an image of Gustaf V who was the King of Sweden for 43 years (starting in 1907 until 1950).  He was the last king there to hold significant political influence.  The reverse of this one Krona includes an image of the Swedish coat of arms crowned as well as the denomination.  This coin has a total weight of 7 grams and a diameter measurement of 25 milimeters.

Take a look at our 1945 Swedish 1 silver Krona from Sweden in the photographs underneath.  It appears to be in very fine condition.

Koin perak kuno satu 1 krona dari negara Sweden tahun 1945.