1947 Austrian 2 Schilling Coin Koin Dari Negara Austria Dua Schilling Tahun 1947

We will take a look at an Austrian (Osterreich) 2 Schilling coin from 1947.  This coin is made from the metal aluminum and is approximately 2.8 grams as far as weight is concerned.  The front side has the Austrian coat of arms which is an eagle, with a shield in its center.  It is holding a hammer in its right talon and a sickle in its left.  The back of this coin has its denomination of 2 Schillings, the year of 1947 and signs of agriculture which include grains of wheat, grapes etc.  This coin in the pictures below would likely grade almost uncirculated.

Austria or Osterreich uses the Euro as its currency now but formerly used the Schilling.  It was used from 1924 until 2002 with a break in the middle from 1938 until 1945 (when the Reichsmark was used because of annexation by Germany prior to WWII and which ended at the end of the war).