1949 D Silver Quarter Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Dua Puluh Lima Cents Tahun 1949

Here we have 1949 d silver quarter coin.  Its grade, after examination would be very fine and it possess .18084 ounces of the precious metal silver.  Its diameter is 24.3 millimeters and the total weight on this coin is 6.25 grams.  Check it out in the pictures at this bottom of this entry. This coin was struck in Denver which produced 10.06 million of these in 1949 making it slightly less common than other silver George Washington Quarters.

The US Quarter coin has honored George Washington for several decades now. The first US President has also been on many other types of American money as well including of the course the one dollar bill but also on the 1982 commemorative half dollar coin as well as a 2007 Presidential dollar.  He was also on post-colonial pre US mint coinage including Getz half pennies.

The grade of this 1949 d silver quarter looks like it is very fine.

You can see our 1940 Quarter Philadelphia mint here.

1949 D Washington Silver QuarterUang logam koin perak kuno dua puluh lima Cents Amerika tahun 1949


Uang logam koin perak kuno dua puluh lima Cents Amerika tahun 1949.