1950 Canadian Silver Dime 10 Cent Coin Koin PERAK Kuno 10-Sepuluh Cent Dari Negara KANADA

The Canadian dime or ten cent coin has been around since the year 1858 and is still struck by their mint today.  Today it is composed mainly of steel but for a number of earlier years up until 1968 they had silver in them.  1968 saw the use of the precious metal in some examples and nickel in others.

See our 1950 Canada 10 cent silver coin in the pictures following.  On its front is an image of King George VI of the British Empire with his name as well as Dei Gracia Rex (by the grace of God).  This coin’s back has a sail boat or schooner plus the year it was produced.  This example is in fine condition and is 80 percent or has .06 ounces (1.7 grams) of silver in its composition.

 10 Sepuluh Cent Koin PERAK asli dari negara KANADA uang perak tahun 1950, Bergambar Raja “George VI” Harga Rp 400 Ribu rupiah, Belum termasuk biyaya kirim, Terima kasih.