1954 Italian 5 Lira Coin Koin Almunium 5-Lima Lira Dari Negara Italia

In this post we will look at a 1954 Italian 5 Lira coin.  It is a very light weight coin weighing only 1.0349 grams and it is composed of aluminum.  On its front are the words for the country of the coin’s origin: Repubblica Italiana as well as an image of a boat’s rudder.  The back side has the value, year and an impression of a dolphin.  On top of the year is the letter R which indicates the Rome mint was indeed where it was made.  There were 436.4 million of these made in the year 1954.  This one in particular that we have would perhaps grade extra fine.

The Lira was the former currency of Italy which was replaced by the Euro.  The Lira had a history that spanned more than 150 years starting in 1861 and ending in 2002.

Mata uang Lira dari negara Italia uang logam 5-lima Lira tahun 1954 terbuat dari bahan metal almunium .