1954D (Denver) Silver Franklin Half Dollar US Coin

Here we will feature a 1954D silver Franklin half dollar coin.  This is one of the higher production coins in the Franklin 50 cent series with a production of  25.445 million made in Denver in 1954.  It is a 90 percent silver coin and it shouldn’t cost too much of premium to purchase over the spot price of silver because of the relatively high supply of them.  The one in our collection seen in the pictures below is in a very fine grade.

Ben Franklin was pictured on the US silver half dollar 50 cent piece between the years 1948 to 1963.  At this point there is no rare coin in the series as many folks often kept the ones they came across.  So at this time there is still a fair supply of them out there.

Ben Franklin was not only a forefather of the United States of America but a pioneer in the use of electricity as well as an inventor of extraordinary proportions.  He is often remembered for his savvy political acumen but he was also a contributor to the arts.  He enjoyed music greatly and even invented an instrument called the glass armonica (which Mozart wrote 2 pieces for).  Ben Franklin’s home and grave (died in 1790) are located in the “Cradle of Liberty” Philadelphia.  He was born in Boston in the year 1706.

Pictures of our 1954D  silver Franklin half dollar coin are below:

1954D Silver Franklin Half Dollar US Coin