1955 Canadian Silver 10 Cent Coin Koin Perak 10-Sepuluh Cent Dime Dari Nagara KANADA Tahun 1955

In 1955 Royal Canadian Mint struck 12.237 million 10 cent pieces.  This coin has on its obverse the image of Queen Elizabeth II (just achieved 60 years as queen or the Diamond Jubilee) of the United Kingdom (and head of the commonwealth).  On the back side is what is known as the Bluenose sailboat (racing and fishing) a symbol of Nova Scotia and Canada.  This coin has 0.0594 ounces or 1.68396167 grams of silver in its content.

See the pictures that follow of a 1955 Canadian 10 cent piece.  Now there is a good amount of wear on this coin though the letters are still intact.  This example would perhaps grade a good or g4.

Uang logam Duit regeh koin kuno terbuat dari PERAK asli mata uang dari Negara KANADA tahun 1955 koin 10-sepuluh dime 10 cent, bergambar Ratu Elizabeth II ,