1955 Fifty Lire L.50 Italian Coin Repvbblica Italiana L 50 Uang Logam Koin Kuno 50 Lima Puluh Lira Dari Negara Italia Tahun 1955

The Lira was formerly the currency for the country of Italy until it adopted the Euro in the year 1999 (though the former was honored until 2002).  Its use dates back nearly 200 hundred years and at one time certain Lire (plural for Lira) coin denominations had silver and even gold in them.

See the pictures of an Italian fifty Lire coin (Koin Kuno Italia) from 1955.  The front of this example has a picture of Ceres who was the Roman goddess of grain.  The back of this coin has a man with a hammer hitting an anvil, perhaps a blacksmith.  This L.50 Lire is made out of stainless steel and something like seventy million were made.  This one would grade at least extra fine as wear is minimal.

Koin kuno antik jaman dulu L 50 lima puluh lira Koin kuno uang logam dari Negara Italia tahun 1955, Repvbblica Italiana 50 lire Lira, Kondisi sangat bagus seperti baru.