1955 Mexican Silver 5 Pesos Coin

Here we have a 1955 Mexican 5 Peso silver coin which can be seen in the pictures below.  It has on its obverse an image of  Miguel Hildalgo y Costilla who was a religous leader (priest) and led an uprising to Spain’s rule over Mexico.  He was vital to the organization of the rebellion and died (was executed) fighting in the Mexican War of Independence.  This coin honoring him is made of 72% silver and has .4178 ounces (or 11.8444308 grams) of the precious metal in it.  The back side has the Mexican coat of arms which has an eagle with snake in its beak. Their were 4.271 million of these made in 1955 and our coin is in almost uncirculated condition.

Mexican peso coinage has been in place since 1863.  At one time (initiated back in the 1800s) the 5 peso was made out of gold and this was the case up until 1920, then there were no produced until being resumed in 1950 (this time in silver form).