1957 Canada Silver Quarter Coin Koin Perak Kuno 25 Dua Puluh Lima Cent Dari Negara Kanada

The Canadian quarter struck in 1957 is composed of 80 percent silver with it having .1500 ounces of the precious metal.  On its front is the Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries.  Notice the words on the obverse Dei Gracia Regina which means By the grace of God, Queen.  On the back of this silver coin is a picture of the animal known as the caribou, which is in the deer family is generally occupies colder climates.   There were 12.7 million of these struck.

The following are photos of a 1957 silver Canadian quarter dollar (25 cent piece).  It has seen a lot of use therefore would be a low good grade.

Duit Perak kuno dari negara Kanada koin silver 52-dua puluh lima cent jaman dulu koin antik tua tahun 1957 depan koin bergambar wajah Ratu Elizabeth II Del Gratia Regina dan dibelakang koin bergambar hewan karibu bertanduk.