1958 Canadian Silver 10 Cents Dime Coin

Below we have photographs of a 1958 Canadian 10 cent coin that we have.  It is rather small only weighing in total 2.31 grams.  It is 80 percent silver having a total of .0594 ounces or 1.6839 grams of the precious metal.  The front was designed by Mary Gllick.  On its obverse is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and head of the Commonwealth.  Her reign started in 1952 after King George the VI (her father) passed away.

The reverse side of this Canadian 10 cent silver coin is an image of a sail boat and the denomination.  This image was created by Emanuel Hahn.  This coin would grade fine and the details are still sharp.  Its not perfect as there appears to be a scatch and dirt on the back but nevertheless its a good small form of silver.