1963 French 10 Centimes Coin

This is an entry is about a 1963 French 10 Centimes.  This type of coin which can be viewed below is made from a combination of aluminum & bronze and weights 3 grams.  There were 217.601 million of these struck in 1963.  On the front is an impression of Marianne (facing left) which is like France’s version of Lady Liberty.  On the reverse side is the motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité which in English means liberty, equality and fraternity and is a saying that has its roots in the French Revolution.  Below that is the denomination and currency unit as well as the date.  Down and to the right is a grain of wheat and to the left is a laurel branch.  This coin is in extra fine + condition.

The French Centime was made as early as 1794 and as late as 2001 (in which the Euro replaced).  It was a divisor of the Franc, 100 of which would equal 1 Franc.