1965 Yugoslavian 50 Para Coin

In the post we will look at a 1965 50 Para coin from the former country of Yugoslavia.  The obverse or front side of it has the old coat of arms of that country which was used from 1943 until 1993.  It has the presence of torches in the center, grains of wheat on the sides and the date it became socialist (during WWII after occuying German forces were removed).  The back of the coin has its value which divides the year.  Its metal is brass and its weight equals out to 6 grams.  This 50 Para that we have is in very fine condition.

The Para is a subunit of the former Yugoslavia’s currency which was the Dinara.  Para coins go back to the year 1920 to when that country was called the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.  The name Yugoslavia was used on them starting in the year 1921.