1969 Hungarian 10 Filler Coin Koin Dari Negara Hungaria 10 Sepuluh Filler

Here in this post we will examine a 1969 10 Filler coin from Hungary.  It is made from the metal aluminum and is a lite .5999 grams.  This coin is small in its diameter at 18.5 millimeters.  The front has an image of a dove bird in flight with a tree branch in its beak.  Above the dove is Magyar Nepkoztarsasag which means Hungarian People in English.  The back side has simply the denomination of 10 Filler on it.  There were 50.76 million of these struck in the year 1969.  Our coin below would likely grade in almost uncirculated condition.

The currency of the country of Hungary is the Forint and it has been around since 1946.  It was started in response to the worst case of recorded inflation that occurred in recorded history (this was in regards to former currency which was called the Pengo).  Going back to the Forint, its subunit is the Filler which actually has no use anymore because of inflation.  100 Filler = 1 Forint.