1969 Jamaican 10 Cents Coin

Here we have a Jamaican 10 cents coin from the year 1969.  Take a glance at the photographs at the bottom.  On its front is the Jamaican coat of arms whose is origin comes from the British and whose history dates back to the year 1661.  It has gone through changes since then.  The current version has a native on each side supporting a crossed shield inside which are pineapples.  On top of the shield is a knight’s helmet with a crocodile standing on it.  Below the natives is the motto: Out of Many, One People.  The back side has the denomination of the coin, sprigs and a butterfly.  It is made out of copper/nickel, weighs 5.650 grams and there were 19.51 million of them made in 1969.  This one that we have is in perhaps in extra fine condition.

The history of coinage use in Jamaica goes back hundreds years.  Spanish and then British examples were used and then starting in 1960 Jamaica itself was the sole maker of coins there.