1971 Silver Canadian Dollar Coin (British Columbia)

This page is regarding a 1971 Canadian silver dollar specimen that can be viewed by checking out the images at the bottom.   This coin was made specifically for those with a collecting interest which is apparent in the fact that it is contained in a leather bound holder.  It is 50 percent silver and has precisely .3750 ounces (or 10.631 grams) of the precious metal in it.  This coin is a British Columbia edition which is noted on the holder and has on its obverse the current Queen of Great Britain: Elizabeth II.  There were in fact only 585 thousand of these minted in 1971.  If you are interested in purchasing it email us at butikmewah@gmail.com

Canadian coinage has had an interesting history;  it had its first official examples made in 1858 and there were 4 denomination.  They were a bronze composed 1 cent piece and silver 5, 10 and 20 cents. Prior to that US and British coins were used.  The first dollar was initiated in 1935 in the form of the Voyageur.