1974 Belgian 5 Franc Coin Koin Kuno 5-Lima Franc Mata Uang Dari Negara Belgia

The former currency of Belgium (or Belgique in the French language) was called the Franc until the Euro replaced it in the early 2000s.  Its history goes back to the year 1832 when Belgium was formed. Coins where put into production right away (and some interestingly where made on top of  or struck over previously Dutch coins) and included several denominations.  Silver was used in coinage there (with the exception of a break during WWII) from 1832 until 1955.

The following are pictures of a 1974 five Belgian Franc coin featuring on its front a royal crown at the top above a plant.  The plant is in the middle of the denomination and Belgique is written on the bottom.  On the back of it is an image of a Laureate head.  Though this coin’s appearance is silver in color it is made out of nickel and copper.

Uang logam kuno koin antik dari Negara Belgia-Belgium duit jaman dulu 5-lima franc tahun produksi cetak pada th 1974 5FR BELGIQUEE. Kondisi bagus , harga kontak Terima kasih.