1975 Chilean One Peso Coin

This post is about a 1975 Chilean 1 Peso coin that we have.  There are photos of it that can be seen at the bottom of this entry.  On its obverse is an image of Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme.  He was a commander involved in the Chilean War of Independence against Spain in what is now Chile.  He was also a head of the new country from the year 1817 until 1923.   On the reverse side of the coin is the value of 1 Peso underneath which is the year.  It is made from a combination of metals copper and nickel.   There were 51 million of these minted in the year 1975.  This one in particular that we have is in perhaps extra fine or better condition.

The Peso is the currency name in Chile and has been called that since 1817 (though currently it is in its second edition after the escudo was dropped).   Coins were made since 1817 and were at one time made of precious metals like gold and silver which ended in the early 1900s.

Satu Peso Koin dari Chili