1976 Mexican 1 Peso

Here we are going to take a look at a 1978 Mexican 1 or Un Peso coin.  Jose Morelos is a popular figure in Mexico because of his leadership in the war of independence there from Spain (which was in the early part of the 1800s).  He face is featured on its obverse of this coin facing to the left hand side (other earlier years he faces right and later years show a more portrait like view).  Morelos is actually related to another key figure of the Mexican War of Independence: Miguel Hidalgo (both of which died in that war).  The back side of this one Peso has an image of the coat of arms there as well as the name of it’s country: Estados Unidos Mexicanos.  This metals of this 1 peso are copper and nickel.  It’s weight is 9 grams and it is a relatively common coin with a production of 94.48 million.

Pictures of our 1976 Mexico 1 Peso are below.  Its grade looks to be like very fine.