1976 One Jamaican Dollar Bank Note Uang Kertas 1-Satu Dollar Dari Negara Jamaica Tahun 1976

The Jamaican dollar has been around since the year 1969 and prior to that Jamaica used British currency for nearly 150 years.  Before that this country utilized Spanish coins mostly for trade.

In the following pictures there is a 1976 series Jamaican one dollar banknote.  On its front is Sir Alexander Bustamante who was the first leader of that nation when it became an independent state (which was in the year 1962).  He played a large part in Jamaica’s independence and is recognized as a hero there.  This paper currency has the signature of G. Arthur Brown on it who was governor at the time.  Its back side has scenic picture of a harbor.  Now this currency bill is nearly perfect with one large vertical fold.  Its condition warrants a grade about uncirculated.

Tahun 1976 Uang kertas jaman dulu duit kertas kuno mata uang asing dari Negara Jamaika-Jamaica 1-Satu Dollar “BANK OF JAMAICA ONE DOLLAR” kode nomer seri:  (CJ172654) Bergambar foto wajah Tuan Sir “Alexander Bustamante” kondisi seperti BARU almost UNC bersih crips tidak bolong robek atau pun kotor. Harga silahkan kontak , Terima kasih.