1979 Australian 2 Dollar Bank Note UNC Uncirculated Condition Uang Kertas 2-Dua Dollar Valuta Asing Dari Negara Australia Tahun 1979 Kondisi BARU Dan Sempurna !!!!

Below we have photographs of a 1979 Australian 2 dollar currency bank note.  The year is not printed on the bill but we know that it is in fact that year by looking at the signatures on it which are: HM Knight and John Stone.  The front side of it has an image of John Macarthur (who lived in the years 1767-1834) who was an innovator that brought the wool industry there to prominence.  The back of this currency note has an impression of William James Farrer (1845-1906) who was a scientist in the field of agriculture.  His work had a substantial impact to the production of wheat in Australia.  This paper money is enclosed in a special protective envelope (and part of a series produced for collectors in the early 1980s called Banknotes of All Nations).  Its serial number is JTY 087384 and this 2 dollar Australian bill is in uncirculated condition clean fresh crips PERFECT……

The AUD or the Australian Dollar has been the currency there since 1966.  It replaced the short lived Royal which in turn replaced the Pound (which had been utilized since 1910).

Koleksi Duit Kertas Australia Uang kertas antik jaman dulu tahun 1979 uang kertas 2-dua dollar mata uang asing valuta asing dari Negara terkenal dengan Kanguru-Kangaroo-nya Negeri “Australia” Uang kertas ini didepan bergambar seorang pengusaha terkenal penbisnis wool bulu domba terkaya di Australia yang bernama “John Macarthur” dan dibelakang uang kertas ini bergambar foto seorang pengusaha besar pertanian pohon gandum untuk dijadikan terigu pangan di Australia beliau adalah William James Farrer, 2 TWO DOLLAR AUSTRALIA Nomer Seri: (JTY 087384). Kondisi-nya BRAND NEW UNC Baru sempurna tersimpan terjaga rapih belum pernah dibuka dan masih disegel didalam amplop kertas uang kertas ini sangat cocok sekali untuk dijadikan sebagai penambah koleksi kolektor uang-uang kuno anda!…. Apa bila anda berminat untuk menbeli dan mengkoleksi uang kertas kolektor ini silahkan hubungi kami sekarang juga via e-mail , kontak kami via telepon atau kirim kami pesan singkat sms, di-Nomer yang telah kami sediakan, Terima kasih, Thank you, Guy’s……Enjoy And Happy Collecting Cheers…… !!!!! 🙂