1979 Italian 100 Lira Coin

We are going to talk about a 1979 Italian 100 Lira coin that is in uncirculated condition.  Take a glance at it in the photos at the bottom.  It is made from stainless steel and has a weight measurement of eight grams.  This is relatively common with 351.5 million of these coins struck in 1979.  The design is nice with an artistic impression of a laureate head on its obverse or front side.  The back of it has a woman dressed in what appears to be Roman garb standing next to an olive tree.  As mentioned previously this 1979 100 Lira coin has not seen any circulation.

Italy’s Lira is not used as its currency any longer as the Euro is now in use.  Its roots go back to the Roman Empire when it was called the Libra.  It began modern use when Napoleon and the French Empire seized control of the Italian States.  Eventually they received independence and united to form what we know as Italy today and used the currency until 2002 after which the Euro took over.

Koin kuno Lira dari Negara Italia uang logam 100-seratus lira tahun 1979 Repubblica Italiana L.100 R, koin ini terbuat dari bahan dasar Stainless Steel-Baja tak berkarat, Berat 8Grams dan berukuran size Diameter: 27.8mm. Kondisi bagus gambar dan tulisan nya masih terlihat jelas dan timbul.