1980 Brazilian 1 Cruziero Coin Koin Dari Negara Brazil Satu Cruziero

This post is about a 1980 One Cruziero coin from Brazil which can be viewed in the photos underneath.  It has on its obverse an artist’s impression of a sugar cane stalk with a field in the background.  Also the name of the country is designated: Brasil.  The back of this 1 Cruziero has the value as well as year.  This coin is made from stainless steel and has a weight of precisely 3.23 grams.  It is a relatively common issue with 690.497 million made.  Ours appears to have not seen any circulation.

The Cruziero was a form of currency used in the country of Brazil at one time.  Eventually it had to be discontinued as the effects of inflation were too great.  For nearly 20 years now Brazil’s currency has been the Real.

Uang logam koin dari negara Brazil satu cruziero tahun 1980.