1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden Coin Koin Dari Negara Belanda Satu Gulden 1980

This post will examine a 1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden coin.  Though it appears silver in appearance it is actually made from the metal nickel and has a weight of 6 grams.  The last time circulated silver Gulden coins were made was back in 1967. On its obverse or front side is the former Queen of The Netherlands: Juliana facing right.  She abdicated or gave up her throne in 1980 after which her daughter Beatrix became Queen (and still is currently).  Juliana notably lived to be 94 making her the longest lived former monarch.  The reverse side of this coin has the crowned lesser (or condensed) version of the Dutch coat of arms.  This is a lion with a sword in its right hand and holding a set of arrows in its left.

We have pictures of our 1980 Dutch Netherlands 1 Gulden coin below.  It has quite a nice mint luster to it and perhaps it would be considered a high almost uncirculated grade.