1980 One Jiao Chinese Bank Note Paper Currency 1-Satu Jiao Uang Kertas Dari Negara China Tahun 1980

The currency in use now in mainland China is known as the Yuan (symbol CNY) and a subdivision of it is the Jiao.  10 of these will add up to or equal 1 Yuan and as far as I can tell were last printed as a currency series note in the year 1980 (in five and one denominations).

The following are photos of 1 Jiao bank note from 1980 that is in uncirculated condition.  On its front are two men of different ethnic groups in the country of China, the Gaoshan and Manchu.  On the back site of this currency paper bill is the Chinese arms symbol.  The coloring of this money is brown, green and grey for the most part and its serial number is R6K0383932.

Mata uang dari Negara China 1-satu Jiao uang kertas tahun 1980, Kondis BARU UNC. harga kontak.