1981 Belgian 20 Frank Coin Koin Dari Negara Belgia Dua Puluh Francs Tahun 1982

This post will be about a 1981 Belgian 20 Frank (or Francs) coin.  It is made from nickel and bronze.  The front side has King Baudouin or Boudewijn in Dutch.  His time as Belgian king was from 1951 until his death in 1993.  During his time as top royal the Belgian Congo received independence and foundation was founded in Baudouin’s name.  The back of this coin has the value, an artistic impression of sprays and the Dutch word for Belgium which is Belgie.  Its weight is 8.56 grams and the condition of ours is fine.

The Frank or Franc was in use as the currency in Belgium from when it was founded as a country up until it went with using the Euro.  Some of the money they produced is quite handsome.  This would go especially for some of the 5 francs coins of the late 1800s and many of the banknotes of the 20th century as well.