1981 Portugal 2.5 Escudos Coin Koin dari Portugis Dua Setengah Escudos

Here we’ll look at a 1981 Portuguese 2 and a half Escudos coin.  On the front of it is a sail boat, the name of the country: Republica Portugues and at the bottom is the year.  The reverse of it has a shield, stars and the denomination of the coin.  It is made out of a combination of copper and nickel and weighs 3.5 grams.  There were 25.42 million of these made in the year 1981.  Ours appears to be in almost uncirculated condition or better.

The currency of Portugal at one time was the Escudo which was used between the years 1911 and 2002.  It was replaced by the Euro.  In the past the Escudo was based on the value gold, the US dollar and other currencies.