1984 Polish 1 Zloty Coin Koin Dari Negara Polandia Satu Zloty

We have here a 1984 Poland 1 Zloty (this word translates into English as golden) coin.  It is made from the metal aluminum and there were 61.036 million of these made in 1984.  Its diameter is 25 milimeters making it a fair sized coin and its weight is only 2.0699 grams.  The front has a picture of Poland’s coat of arms, the name of the country going around the top and at the bottom is the indication of the year it was struck in.  The back side has a wreath inside of which is the coin’s denomation 1 ZL (Zloty).  The edge has ridge shapes going totally around the rim.  In 1984 Poland was in its 3rd edition of the Zlotry currency which was revalued afterwards in 1995 and which was when the current currency (4th edition) was started.

We have pictures of our 1984 one Zloty coin at the bottom.  After examining this coin it appears to be in extra fine condition.

Koin dari negara Polandia 1 Satu Zloty.