1985 Mexican 50 Pesos Coin

On this post we have a Mexican fifty pesos coin from the year 1985.  It was a highly produced issue with 296 million struck that year.  On it front is an image of Benito Juárez who was a major figure in Mexico’s history.  He was president in Mexico several times, had a hand in maintaining democracy there and preventing French occupation. The obverse also has the value and year of the coin whereas the back has a picture of the Mexican coat of arms.  The metal composition is copper and nickel and the weight is approximately 8.6 grams.

See the pictures of our 1985 Mexican 50 Pesos coin underneath.  There doesn’t appear to be much wear on it other than at the bottom left of the obverse side.

Koin kuno dari negara Mexico lima puluh pesos tahun 1985.