1986 Chinese 5 Fen Coin

This entry is about 1986 Chinese 5 Fen coin.  It is made out of Aluminum and weighs a light 1.6 grams (see pictures of it at the bottom) and its diameter is twenty four millimeters.  On the front is China’s national emblem or may be identified as their coat of arms.  It consists of 5 stars above the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing enclosed in a circle of wheat grains.  The back of this coin has its value and at the bottom the date.  This Chinese 5 Fen coin appears to be in almost uncirculated condition.

The currency of China is known as Renminbi and Yuan is the unit which others are based off of.  It has 2 subunits, the Jiao which 10 of equal one Yuan.  The other is the Fen which 100 of are equal to 1 Yuan.  Usually smaller denominated Fen coins aren’t used that often.