1986 Ecuadorian 10 Diez Sucre Currency Bank Note

Formerly the currency of Ecuador was the sucre which was discontinued in 2000.  The USD is now used there for trade.

See a 1986 diez 10 Ecuadorian sucre paper money bill that we have in the pics following.  On the front is an impression of Sebastián de Belalcázar who was a conquestador from Spain.  He has been given credit for founding the capital city of Ecuador known as Quito as well as cities inside of modern day Columbia like Santiago de Cali.  The front side of this bill also has Banco Del Ecuador printed on it as well as the serial number which is 15794891.  This currency’s denomination is in large numbers on both sides of Sebastián de Belalcázar’s portrait.  The back side is in blue print and has an image of the country’ arms.  This bank note is in uncirculated condition.