1986 Indonesia 5000 Lima Ribu Rupiah Currency Paper Money Banknote

Here we have a 1986 Indonesian 5000 Lima Ribu Rupiah currency banknote.  On its front or obverse is a picture of Teuku Umar (1854 to 1899) who was leader an Aceh force against Dutch Colonial rule and who today is a Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia (National Indonesian Hero).  The reverse or backside of this paper money has a picture of Menara Kudus Mosque which was built in 1549 and is where Sunan Kudus (Islamic Saint of Java) cemetary is located.  This building is among the oldest mosques in Indonesia.

This 1986 Indonesia 5000 Lima Ribu Rupiah currency banknote is crisp and is in uncirculated condition.

Ini uang kertas Lima Rebu Rupiah kondisi baru uang lama belum ter pakai.

lima rebu rupiah 1986

Indonesia 5000 rupiah currency banknote paper money