1988 Mexican 1000 Pesos Coin

Here in this posting we are going to talk about a 1988 Mexico 1000 Pesos coin. It is struck in Aluminum as well as Bronze and was produced in the Mexico City mint (MO mint mark).  It has on it’s front side an image of Juana De AsBaje who was a nun and is an important figure that advanced literature and women’s education in early Mexican history (which at the time was part of the Spanish Empire).  The reverse of this coin has a picture of a coat of arms.  There were approximately 229 million of these made in the year 1988.

This 1988 Mexican 1000 Pesos appears to be in very fine condition and can be seen in the pictures underneath.

Koin seribu Pesos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1988.


1988 Mexico 1000 PesosKoin Meksiko