1988 Quinhentos 500 Cruzados Bank Note From Brazil Mata Uang Dari Negara Brazil

The current currency used in Brazil is called the Real and has been in use since 1994 and actually has been relatively stable over that time.  Prior to that the currency was actually changed 5 times since 1970 and from the 1986 until 1989 the Banco (Bank) Centro Do Brasil issued paper money in the form of Cruzados.

In the following pictures you’ll see a 1988 Quinhento (or 500) Cruzados bank note (P-212d Brazil) that we have.  It is in uncirculated condition will no wear or folds whatsoever.  On the font of this paper bill is a front profile of the notable Heitor Villa-Lobos who was a famous Brazilians composer (he is also considered the most recognized Latin American composed up tothis point).  On the back side of this five hundred Cruzados bank note is another picture of Villa-Lobos with a conductor’s wand with what appears to be a river in the background.