1989 Yugoslav 100000 Dinara Currrency Bank Note DINAR Mata Uang Dari Yugoslavia Uang Kertas Seratus Ribu Dinara Tahun 1989

The 100,000 Yugoslav Dinara was actually the fourth largest denomination of paper money currency in Yugoslavia in the 1989. Inflation was starting to get out of hand there at that time and the biggest denomination printed in 1989 was actually 2,000,000 .

On the obverse of the One hundred thousand Dinara is a picture of a girl (who it is specifically is unknown) and the colors of the bill are red and purple.  The back of this bank note has a pattern of letters and numbers and what looks like an eye in the middle.  This Yugoslavia paper money is in a lower very fine grade.  Its serial number is BA7037247 and on the front and back the number denomination of 100000 is in large print. Take a look  at the photos below, Thank you.

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Mata uang Yugoslavia uang kertas Dinar 100000 seratus ribu dinara uang kertas tahun 1989 bergambar wajah seorang anak kecil gadis cantik perempuan/wanita yang tidak disebutkan nama gadis ini siapa? Bernomer kode seri: (BA 7037247)