1990 Brazil 1000 Cruzeiros Currency Bank Note

Today Brazil’s currency is known as the Real but at one time it was the Cruzeiro.  This name was used as this country’s money for decades, the third and final issue of it being printed in the year 1993.  Inflation became a problem in Brazil in the 80s and into the 90s and likely the reason why the Cruziero is no longer the currency.

Check out a Brazilian 1ooo mil Cruzeiros bank note that we have in the pictures below.  On its front is an image of Cândido Rondon who was a well known explorer and military officer.  He notably was part of the expedition exploring the River of Doubt (which included former US President Theodore Roosevelt).  On the back of this paper currency bill are images of native children with tribal tattoos as well as food from the Amazon area.  This bank note that is below is in uncirculated condition and its serial number is A7057042858A.