1992 Belarus 25 Rublei Paper Money Bank Note

The 1992 year 25 Rublei was the 7th smallest denomination Belarusian bank note made in that year.  The smaller paper money denominations include the 50 Kapeek, 1 Ruble and the 1,3,5 and 10 Rublei.  In any case 1992 was the first year that Belarus made it own paper currency and actually was initially pegged to Russia’s money.  In 2008 that changed as it now pegged a basket of currencies which include the United States Dollar.

See the pictures of a year 1992 twenty Belarusian Rublei paper money bill that we have in the following pictures.  On its obverse is a picture of a knight with extended sword on a horse and the back has an Eurasian elk.  The print colors on this bank note include: violet, red and green.  Its serial number is AO3662328.