1993 Russian 1000 Rubles Currency Banknote

In this entry we have a 1993 1000 Russian Rubles currency banknote.  This paper money was essentially made obsolete later in the 90s with devastating inflation culminating in the crises of 1998.  In any case this banknote it is still of interest to collectors.  On its front is a partial image of the Kremlin in Moscow with its tri colored flag.  Also written of the front are the Russian characters for Bank of Russia (found at the top of the bill) as well as the denomination and the year.  The reverse side has another, more complete view of the Kremlin building and the value of the money including the Russian characters for the word Rubles.  Also notice the serial number at the top left and bottom right of the back of this currency banknote.

In the photos below you’ll see our 1993 Russian 1000 Rubles Currency Banknote.  It appears to be in lower very fine condition.

Russian 1000 RublesUang kertas seribu Rubles dari negara Russia Federasi

Uang kertas seribu Rubles dari negara Russia Federasi.