1994 Mexican 1 Peso Coin Uang Logam Satu Peso dari Mexico

Here we will look at a 1994 Mexican 1 Peso coin (see it in the images below).  This was one of the last years that this design was used (after a long run) and was still being made during the time the bimetallic Nuevo Peso was being put into effect.  This one is struck in just stainless steel.  In any case the front of this 1994 Mexican 1 Peso coin is the coat of arms of Mexico featuring an eagle with a snake in its mouth.  It has on its back side a portrait of Jose Morelos whose occupation was a priest but who later became an important figure in Mexico’s struggle (war) for independence against Spain.  He replaced Hidalgo (after he was executed) and eventually also was captured and killed in 1815.  Morelos was featured on the 1 Peso for 3 decades and has a state and city named after him in Mexico.

Uang logam koin Peso1-satu peso dari Negara Mexico koin tahun 1994 bergambar wajah seorang pahlawan perang orang yang paling dikagumi di Mexico beliau adalah “Jose Morelos” koin ini terbuat dari bahan stainless steel – besi baja tak berkarat, kondisi bagus almost UNC.