1996 Canadian Toonie Coin Koin Uang Logam 2-Dua Dollar Dari Negara KANADA-CANADA

This post is about the Canadian 2 dollar coin which is known as the Toonie.  It has on its front an impression of Queen Elizabeth II (designed by Dora dePedery-Hunt) of the United Kingdom and leader of the Commonwealth of Nations and who has had the second longest reign (only Queen Victoria had more years).  The reverse side has an image of a polar bear and was created by Brent Townsend.  This coin has been in existance since 1996 and has 2 components an inner portion and an outer ring.

See the photos of a 1996 Canadian 2 dollar coin that we have.  This one is average circulated in its condition and doesn’t have any value above face at this point. There were 375.483 million of these minted in that year and it weighs 7.2999 grams.

Canada 2 Dollar Koin TOONIE uang logam 2-dua dollar dari Negara KANADA-CANADA tahun cetak/produksi pada th 1996 koin antik bergambar wajah Ratu Elizabeth II D.G.Regina.dan dibelakang koin bergambar Beruang Hutan. Kondisi lumayan bagus gambar angka dan tulisan-nya timbul sangat JELAS…