1997 Indonesian Five Hundred 500 Rupiah Coin

In this post we will talk about a 1997 Indonesian 500 Rupiah coin.  On the obverse is the national emblem of Indonesia known as Garuda Pancasila and was put into effect in 1950.  This Garuda (or what we might call eagle in English) has a shield in its middle with symbols representing principles.  These are referred to as Pancasila and there are 5, starting with acknowledging that there is 1 God.  Also the beliefs of a just humanity, unity, Democracy and social justice are included.  This coin’s back side the value and what appears to be a flower at the top.  It is made out of a mixture aluminum/bronze and its weight is 5.37 grams.  Our 500 Rupiah is in extra fine or better condition.

The currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah or abbreviated as Rp.  The first time it was used was in 1946 at the start of the National Revolution.  Later in 1953 Bank Indonesia was established and began producing money.

Koin lima ratus Indonesia tahun 1997.

1997 Indonesian Five Hundred 500 Rupiah CoinKoin lima ratus Indonesia tahun 1997