1998 Ecuador 10000 sucres Bank Note

Ecuador today uses the United States dollar as its money.  Prior to its adoption of the USD its currency was called the sucre and it had a history that spanned more than 100 years from 1884 until 2000.  Its name came from a Latin American independence leader Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá.

In the following pics there is a 1998 ten thousand sucres Ecuadorian bank note.  On its obverse is an image of Vicente Rocafuerte who was a president of Ecuador in the years 1834 until 1839 and had a hand in making that country free from Spain and Gran Columbia.  The serial number of this paper money is 21156621 and the denomination in the Spanish language is diez mil sucres.  The reverse side is designed with a picture of monument found in the capital city of Quito.  This currency bank note is in uncirculated condition.