1998 French Polynesia 10 Francs Coin Koin Kuno Polynesia Sepuluh Francs

Here we will have a look at a 1998 French Polynesia 10 Francs coin (it can be viewed at the bottom of this posting).  On its front is a capped head facing to the left, not sure whose head it represents though most likely Marianne (important symbol of freedom in France).  The year is found at the bottom and the name of the country is found at the tops sides of the obverse as well reverse.  The back of this coin appears to have an image of native artistry as well as the value.  This French Polynesian 10 Francs coin is made out of the metal nickel and its weight is six grams.  There were 1 million of these struck in the year 1998.

The currency used in in French Polynesia is known as the CFP franc which it shares with other counties including New Caledonia and the Wallis & Futuna Islands.  The CFP franc is divided in one hundred centimes (subunit).

Uang logam kuno 10f sepuluh franc tahun 1998 dari Negara French Polynesia Republique Francaise koin nickel bergambar lady Marianne beliau adalah soerang pendekar wanita yang mempejuangkan kemerdekaan diNegara Polynesia, Koin ini terbuat dari bahan logam metal Besi Nickel besar seberat 6 grams, dengan kondisi sangat bagus very fine gambar dan tulisan nya masih terlihat timbul dan jelas, ada goresan sedikit tetapi tidak begitu tertera/terlihat.  Untuk harga silahkan kontak kami via email.  Terima Kasih Thank You.