1999 Chinese 1 Jiao Coin Koin dari Negara China 1 Satu Jiao Tahun 1999

Here we are going to examine a Chinese 1 Jiao coin from the year 1999.  This is a circulated common issue from China versus some of the more valuable things they produce like the bullion Panda gold coin.  In any case this one Jiao is made from aluminum, weighs only 1.12 grams and has a diameter of 19 millimeters.  The obverse simply has the value of the coin with a large lined number 1, Yi Jiao, Chinese characters and at the bottom the date.  The back side has a picture of an orchid which is a prized flower throughout the world.  Perhaps it is on the back of this as a symbol of prosperity.  Also the reverse has the words: ZHONGGUA RENMIN YINHANG which means People’s Bank of China.  Our 1 Jiao appears to be almost uncirculated.

Uang Logam dari negara China 1 Satu Jiao Tahun 1999.