1999 Indian 1 Rupee Coin

Here is a 1999 Indian 1 Rupee coin which pictures are present at the bottom of this post.  It is struck in the metal of stainless steel.  The front is adorned with a Asoka lion pedestal which is an ancient statue which comes from Sarnath and has become the Emblem of India.  The back of the coin has the year, denomination and a couple of grains of wheat.  This 1990 one Rupee is made out of stainless steel metal and its weight is 4.9 grams.  The coin that we have appears to be in almost uncirculated grade.

The currency of the country of India is the Rupee which whs a history going back several hundred years.  Its coins were struck in silver for a quite a long time and even in the 1800s when other countries were backed in gold.  At one point during that time the supply of silver increased leading to a price drop which caused a problems for the Rupee in the 1800s.  Indian went on to a decimal system for their currency in 1957.