50 Fifty Centavos Coin Ecuador Year 2000 Uang Logam Koin Kuno Dari Negara Ecuador Tahun 2000

Ecuador started using Centavos back in the year 2000 when it adopted the US dollar as its currency.  There one will find Centavos as well as US coins and paper bills.

See below for an example of a 50 Centavo coin which is the same size of the US half dollar.  Banco Central Del Ecuador (Central Bank of Ecuador in English) is printed on the reverse along with the monetary value of the coin.  The front has Jose Eloy Alfaro Delgado on it who served that country as President for 2 terms.  He is known for contributing to Ecuadorian national unity, improving infrastructure and secularism.  Eloy Alfaro was a leader not afraid to make changes and challenge the status quo.  He can be credited with freedom of speech in Ecuador as well.  Even though the fifty Centavo coin is silver in color is actually made out of nickel bonded steel.

 Koin uang logam mata uang asing dari Negara Ecuador 50-lima puluh centavos Republica Del Ecuador  **Eloy Alfaro** Banco Central Del Ecuador Cincuenta Centavos