2001 Belgium Euro 10 Cents Coin

This post is about a 2001 Belgium Euro 10 Cents Coin.  Its made out of brass and has on its front side an image of King Albert II of the House of Belgium.  It was designed by the artist Jan Alfons Keustermans  (who created the front) and Luc Lucx (who designed the back). The back of the coin has a map of the EU and the member states at the time.  This Euro coin’s weight is 4.0999 grams and there were 145.79 million of these struck in the year 2001.  Take a look at the images below the 2001 Belgium Euro 10 cents we have.  Its condition is perhaps fine, the wear is much more apparent on the front than the reverse.

This coin’s value is 1/10 of a Euro (which is the currency of many of Europe’s countries).  The Euro is considered a reserve currency and has a very large volume transaction wise, in fact only 2nd to the United States.