2001 Brazil Dois Two Reais Banknote Uang Kertas Mata Uang Dari Negara Brazil

Brazil has been using the Real (or Reais) as its currency since the year 1994.  Prior to that there was numerous switches to its money because of inflationary issues.

Take a look at the year 2001 Two Reais banknote (P-249 Brazil pre fix C) that we have below.  It was the first year that this particular denomination was used.   The front of this paper bill has the sculpture symbol for the Republic of Brazil.  The words “Banco Central Do Brasil” are also on the obverse on the top left hand side.  The bottom right has the serial number of this banknote which is C2336080742A.  The back of this paper currency bill is adorned with pictures of sea turtles and “Dios Reais.”  The coloring scheme of this money is pleasant with light blue, white, green and grey coloring.

Uang kertas mata uang dari Negara BRAZIL 2dua reais seri untuk tahun 2001 BANCO CENTRAL DO BRAZIL 2 REAIS , Depan uang uang bergambar seorang patung wanita, dan gambar belakang bergambar 4 empat Kuya, Kode bernomer seri: (C23336080742A) Kondisi Sempurna Crisp Baru !. Almost UNC.